3D printing for prototyping and manufacturing processes

Digital Manufacturing

Digital manufacturing is a worldwide key challenge to achieve the renovation and the modernization of the manufacturing companies production system.

The evolution towards the digitization of production processes in Italy is considered an extremely important factor: the digital evolution will allow the Small / Medium Enterprises to reduce the gap in productivity between them and the Medium / Large ones.

Productivity in small and medium Italian enterprises is lower than the Medium / Large companies. Adopting digital manufacturing new processes and technologies - including 3D Printing – could help to reduce the productivity gaps and to increase significantly the SMEs sales volume.

The cycle project/prototype/product could be greatly and positively influenced by 3D printing: adopting it, every company would reduce time and costs in the design-to-product processes, increasing creativity and the innovation rate of the company: each new idea could be easily and quickly materialized from design to a visual model with the Rapid Prototyping process, a feature made possible by the professional 3D printers Olivetti S2.

Rapid Prototyping

3D Printing revolutionizes and accelerates the transition from product design to its prototyping in the company production processes.

When a new item or component 3D design is created, the Company can immediately and independently start the first product prototype phase, verifying the technical and dimensional constraints, evaluating the aesthetic aspects and making potential functional tests. Thanks to this, some possible item imperfections can easily be identified and quickly modified; after these potential changes, the prototyping process can be repeated as many times as necessary, until the final version of the expected item is produced.

Olivetti S2 is the ideal tool for rapid prototyping in any company: thanks to its versatility in the use of different thermoplastic filaments and its big size printing feature, it allows the fast creation of low cost prototypes.

Parts and components

Fused Filament Fabrication (or Fused Deposition Modeling) (FFF/ FDM) 3D Printing is most used in Rapid Prototyping. However, in some defined contexts and for specific needs, 3D printing gives great help in realizing finished items, especially when they are required in small series with high customization; examples are specific industrial plastic components, custom designed items, detailed tools to enhance the company production processes.

A further purpose of FFF/FDM 3D Printing is represented by plastic spare parts: due to their potential low availability on the market, the 3D printing custom production of specific items may be more affordable (Of course, the 3D design of the specific spare part is necessary to be produced).

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