The Olivetti Group, a heritage brand of Italian industry, is today a revitalised reality following an evolutionary path.

At the end of a restructuring process that has led to the fusion with Telecom Italia Digital Solutions (TIDS), and levering on the internal presence of ICT Security players of excellence such as “Telsy Elettronica e Telecomunicazioni” and “Trust Technologies”, the company has positioned itself as Digital pole of Telecom Italia.

Olivetti operates on the market as a Solution Provider offering added value in the form of exceptionally advanced customer services, provided as a partner rather than a simple IT product supplier, and proposing turnkey solutions for the automation of company processes and activities.

Levering on the know-how matured by TIDS in Machine to Machine, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing and advanced multi-channel sectors, Olivetti today has leading edge skills in the digital innovation field, enabling it to compete in different strategic sectors such as Smart Enterprise, Smart Retail, Smart Industrial, Digital School, Automotive and ICT Security.

The company offers a significant contribution to the digital transformation underway in the industrial world supporting and propelling change. The latest generation of Olivetti products are integrated with innovative services and business applications (for banks, post offices and fleets): one example being the e-signature tablet with pen for capturing so-called “biometric” signatures having full legal validity; for schools Olivetti provides products such as Oliboard, a multimedia interactive whiteboard, and Cloud platforms for digital learning environments; for businesses –  both public and private – Olivetti offers solutions such as Managed Print Services (MPS), a comprehensive platform for monitoring and optimising document management and printing processes, as well as innovative modular solutions for Asset Management based on the use of advanced NFC or RFID technologies; finally, it offers a range of products and services such as cash registers, POS and integrated software for the automation of point-of-sales management.

Smart Metering represents another key product family with solutions for Gas,Energy and Water Public Utilities for use in infrastructure projects aimed at remote management of meter installations spread over geographical areas. This proposal forms part of the more far-reaching “Smart Cities” offer encompassing also surveillance and control of buildings,street lighting networks,traffic control and public transportation and waste disposal fleet management.  

One of the most recently released products is a 3D digital printer designed for the small to medium-sized businesses having among its services a cloud e-invoicing solution - one of the first of its type released on the Italian market –  allowing businesses to convert rapidly to new digitalised systems without the need to acquire dedicated IT skills or resources thanks to cloud virtual infrastructures.

In conclusion, Olivetti has recently starting selectively acquiring small businesses for its strategic vertical development or bringing particular fields of innovation. This explains why, in 2015, companies entering into the Group included Alfabook, the digital educational publishing house, and W.A.I, specialists in Intelligent Transport Systems.


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